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Organizing with Home Depot!

Since we had our big move middle of 2017 I began my commitment to living a more organized life. I am realizing it’s a really tough habit to break!! Now that I have all the closet space I need I still find myself stashing things and letting items pile up and then looking at myself and wondering “why do I do this!?” Old habits die hard I guess?!

Here is a recent before and after of my boy’s room:

But honestly in the last two months I’ve gained some serious speed on the organizing game and I promise you – it can be done! Here’s what I’ve learned about the game of organization so far – it doesn’t have to be daunting if you’re doing it in bite size pieces consistently.

Here are 3 things I’ve learned about setting a home and being better organized:

1-  Every time you do laundry (which for me is seriously once a week if I’m lucky so I do A LOT at once) grab a garbage sack and a box or bin. In the box you’ll put anything that your kids have outgrown to organize and in the garbage sack you’ll toss stuff that’s maybe too worn or isn’t something you’re wearing much anymore so you can donate it. While you’ve got things going in the dryer head over to every closet in the home and just start cleaning out. I am surprised that every time I do loads of laundry, I have something that ends up in a donation bin or a too small bin and then it’s one less thing my kids end up wearing and throwing in the laundry basket! This has been huge for me because I find that clothes can seriously BLOW up any room.

I am a huge fan of traditional (and cheap) laundry baskets. I’ve done the big cute ones in the past and I swear because they’re tall and I can’t see the clothes I let my laundry go on f o r e v e r (said like squints palladoris obviously)! These baskets allow me to carry too and from, don’t hold too much but hold just enough and are cheap so I can have a zillion around my house. Plus #lifehack, I love having these when I’m transporting anything to a party or dinner – they’re the BEST to carry dishes and odds and ends in! This one is $4 – can’t beat it.

2- Commit yourself to an area or organization a week. This has been huge for me! Every week I write in my notes an area of focus in my house I want to tackle. I can’t possible spend all day organizing and cleaning and on days when I try to do that I grow a strong aversion to it and then my house looks like a wreck. So one week – tackle your pantry. The next week, your mail area + junk drawer. Write a massive list of what you want to achieve functionally in your home and just start tackling it! In the past I wake up on a Tuesday and think “today I’m going to be organized!” Then am disappointed when I’ve worked my guts out and it’s 11pm and nothing looks done. Take your time and do it right. Plus when you love on a spot for an entire week you become super possessive about how it looks and it’s hard to let it go to waste like you used to!

3- Buy all the baskets and bins for your common areas. I don’t have a toy room or loft in our home yet (most the toys will go downstairs when it’s finished) so I had to find a way that was functional for toys to be organized but yet still pretty. I don’t like to permanently label anything in case kids interest or the flow of the organization needs to be changed! I like using gift tags to label so the kids can clearly see when it’s time for pick up where things go. I also like to buy smaller containers and pouches for the TINY pieces that don’t see to matter until a kid is freaking out wondering where the piece is 🙂

Here are some of the baskets I love below from Home Depot that are both functional but beautiful! Now go – be organized! I’ll be cheering you on!!

Copper Storage Baskets

Jute Decorative Storage Basket

Hyacinth Basket

Scoop Basket

Rope Basket

Copper + Marble Box

Navy Basket

*This post is in partnership with Home Depot! All opinions are my own – cause that’s how I roll! Thanks for reading!


Favorite Lamps Plus Lighting

Like I promised I wanted to round up my favorite Lamps Plus lighting! We used their fixtures for most of our home and I absolutely love their selection! Everything is great quality and you can find what you need in your price range too!

  1. Sully Warm Brass Plug-In Wall
  2. Brass Swing Arm Wall Lamp
  3. Black Barn Light (we used these on the exterior of our home)
  4. Mini Pendant Light
  5. Brass Globe Pendant
  6. Light Chandelier
  7. Wide Polished Brass Pendant
  8. Euro Deco Flush Mount (these are the ones we have where we have flush mount in the house)
  9. Outdoor Lights (I have these on either side of our double front doors!)
  10. Honey Gold Chandelier


Boys Bathroom

Here it is guys – another room reveal! This may take me the rest of my life to do but I’m calling it a win!

The boy’s bathroom is interestingly enough one of my favorite rooms in our home! It’s a really simple space but that’s perhaps what I love so much about it! 

The cabinets are custom and paint is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, the walls are Sherwin Williams Bright White. These are the hardware pulls we’ve used throughout our home – be sure to check the size, there are a lot to choose from!

Funny (or maybe not so funny) story but the original sink faucets were stolen out of our home during construction – yuck! Since we were building from California these little things were such a pain but we had a great realtor who went out and found the same ones and bought them himself! What a guy. I love these beautiful clean, modern faucets in black matte

I LOVE this canvas print. What a beautiful reminder every day they wake up – be you! Plus under $25?! I’ll take it! As for the mirrors I literally googled the kind of mirror I wanted and found these!     

Most of the lighting in our home is from Lamps Plus. They have SO many options – literally you could search their site for days! I LOVED the mix metal modern farm house look of these pendants. I can’t find these particular wall sconces we used but here are similar ones. Look for a post soon rounding up some of my favorite lighting from Lamps Plus!


Marble Soap Dispenser


Shower Curtain – West Elm N/A

Delta Faucets

Wall Lighting


Step Stool

Bath Runner

Toothbrush Holder



Candy Club

Guys I am SO excited to share with you the holy grail of subscription services – Candy Club! When I got this in the mail I just couldn’t get over the GENIUS behind it! Fresh, yummy candies delivered straight to your door!

And truly the candy was SO FRESH and delicious – no stale hard candies being delivered around here!! 

The packaging is SO gorgeous and I thought how amazing would this be not only for Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays but for maybe a friend or family member that could use a pick me up! What an incredible way to keep thinking about someone that needs thought about and on a regular basis! 

Candy Club was awesome and gave me a code to send out to y’all for $15 off your first box so check it out and redeem it by going here!

Bolthouse Pea Protein Milk!

A few years ago I discovered that Quinn, my oldest, has a dairy allergy so we’ve had to avoid a ton of dairy intake.

So when Bolthouse Farms approached me about their new Plant Protein Milk I was so stoked! This incredible pea protein creation is vegan, non-GMO, and doesn’t contain dairy, lactose, nuts, soy, or gluten! It comes in four flavors: Original, Vanilla, Chocolate and Unsweetened.

So for all my allergy mammas out there…what a saving grace! My kids genuinely loved it and beg me for the chocolate flavor non stop. We’ve been using it in their cereal and they truly can’t even taste the difference – it’s awesome. It even tastes sweeter to me than dairy milk!

Give it a shot I know you’ll be obsessed with it like we are. Click here to find a store locator to grab the product in your local area.

Birth Story: Jude Parley

This blog excerpt taking from our family blog I used to keep. Written in my 2011 voice!

Monday night i had about two hours of sleep. i was just doing the usual tossing, turning, i’m too pregnant to sleep thing. at 5 am i’d been wide awake in my bed for an hour and finally decided to just get up and answer some e-mails. I was up for an hour when Andrew’s alarm clock went off for him to go to the gym. For some reason it woke up Quinn too, so I cuddled him and put him back in his bed and he went back to sleep. I got back in to bed thinking i could get maybe an hour of rest while Andrew headed to the gym. I was laying there for 10 minutes before I got hit with a super hard contraction. Since I’d been contracting for weeks I really didn’t think twice about it-just mostly annoyed that they happen RIGHT when I’m trying to rest. They kept coming though. Over and over, fast & hard. I opened up this app on my phone I have for contractions and after a half hour of painful ones realized they were just 3 minutes apart. I decided to get up at which point I realized how painful they really were. Even though I’d had bouts of painful contractions before, for some reason I just didn’t feel right about these ones. I quickly threw together a bag, brushed my teeth & called my neighbor to see if I could bring Q over. I was one hundred percent certain it was nothing but I just couldn’t ignore the pain & wanted to be sure it wasn’t hurting the baby in any way.
I called Andrew & told him I was driving to the hospital but I was sure it was nothing so I’d call him if there was reason for concern. I walked up to labor and delivery, picked up the phone and said “ya i think i’m in labor but i never am sure…..” I bet they thought I was insane.
They checked me in to be monitored at 8:15am. I thought I was two days more pregnant than I was. Turns out I was the EXACT gestational age {36 weeks, 3 days} as when I gave birth to Quinn. I was dilated to a 3 but wasn’t alarmed by that at all. She hooked me up to the monitors & observed me for an hr. At which point they observed the contractions were coming 3 minutes apart and had dilated me to a 4. They decided to admit me even though my midwife said they weren’t for sure going to deliver. With pre-term labor they won’t do anything to move your labor along, you have to do it all on your own and they apparently have had plenty of patients stop laboring and they send them home.
I was stuck at a 4 for a couple hours even though I was having contractions 3 minutes apart. At that point I just wanted to get some morphine & go home and sleep. I figured he wasn’t coming & I could just keep him in my tummy a few days longer. Then I started to get really uncomfortable. I sat on a birthing ball {just like a pilates ball} for an hour so that I could try and ease the pain. When they checked me next I was a 5 and they determined, in active labor.
At this point I just knew I wanted to go as far as possible without an epidural. I had a really horrible recovery with Quinn and was open to the idea of a natural labor for a lot of reasons. I hadn’t taken a class much less read a book so I felt super unprepared. The only thing I had under my belt were two very best friends who’ve delivered naturally & i’d talk to a lot about it, an incredible midwife & a supportive husband. My midwife and I decided I’d labor as long as I could naturally & then if I had to, get an epidural.
I labored till I was a 6 at which point the midwife determined my water was over my cervix which is why I was moving so slow. She told me after breaking my water is when the fun would begin.
I’ll spare you the fun, fun, gory, crazy details but my water was broken at 3 and I had Jude at 4:06 to the sound of Coldplay. It was the MOST intense, painful, wild, insane, liberating, powerful thing I’ve EVER done. I could not have done it without Andrew. He was the birthing coach I never thought he could be. How could I underestimate him? He was amazing.
Being pregnant I just wasn’t sure if my labor would be as special, spiritual or as life changing as it was with Quinn. I couldn’t wrap my brain around loving another baby as much. It’s true what they say though–your heart just expands and makes room for one more precious baby to love. Andrew looked at me with such beaming pride as I held Jude for the first time, I’ll never forget it. It just felt, for now, our family was finally together & complete.
Jude Parley Rammell
August 23, 2011
4:06 pm
6 lb 5 oz
18 inches

Article Hosts Simple Summer Soiree

I recently put my hosting hat back on and have been throwing a lot of parties! I used to be SO over the top with events that I got really worn out but now I’ve perfected the art of simplifying a party! Here are some tips I’ve come up with in partnership with Article. 

My yard still isn’t put in so I’ve been loving finding beautiful parks or borrowing friend’s backyards. Beautiful and mature landscaping is all the decoration you need – especially in this beautiful weather!

Having a beautiful set of table and chairs helps the aesthetic obviously too! I’ve ben loving this set from Article because it sits 6, is durable enough to be outside and is absolutely gorgeous. I find that often times patio and outdoor furniture gets the boot on design but Article seriously does such a stunning job at creating pieces that are just as unique for your outdoor living space.

Another thing I’ve been loving is ditching dishes for paper goods. They make such beautiful options now and it helps so much with your sanity!

I’ve been obsessing over these little white carry out boxes and serving party food in them. My kids get SO stoked about it like they’re opening a present – when really it’s just a sandwich 😉 Tie it with a ribbon and personalize it with a sticker and it seriously is the simplest way to add a special touch.

I also love adding touches like a bouquet of fresh flowers and a cake to party up even a simple family dinner. I think it all looked SO gorgeous against this wood table. A lot of local bakeries will sell pre-made white cakes which you can top with anything to fit your theme. For this lunch I just picked an apple and leaves for the top and it was perfect!

I think what’s most important about party throwing is you remember your intention behind it. If it’s to be extravagant or over the top it will totally stress you out. But if your intention is to create a special memory with your family than a little bit of extra work will go a long way!

Our family is so grateful for the opportunity to work with Article and look forward to all the many years, parties and memories to come around this table.



Bethany Menzel, Bethany Menzel

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Amanda Holstein, Advice From A 20 Something

Leslie Musser, One Brass Fox



Sprucing up our Rental Living Room

Before our big move we spruced up the living room with a couple incredible pieces from Home Depot. Yes you heard me right Home Depot! When they asked me to team up with them for a decor post I was truly blown away by the selection of modern beautiful pieces. I had no idea they even had interior styling and furniture offerings but now I know they do and I’ll never go back!! There is SO much to choose from!

I love to entertain so when I found this beautiful serving tray I was so excited! It’s a great place to have set up as an end table and then rearrange with drinks and snacks for when you have guests over. The tray inside it I loved too because it’s lined with a beautiful gold foil. 

I had a coffee table that I”d found on craigslist that wasn’t cutting it for me so I went on the search for the perfect one. I need it round so my kids don’t cut themselves open on it, softer material for that reason too, small enough to be functional in our space and easy to clean. When I found this coffee table, it knocked my socks off! I love the mid-century lines and we will be styling this piece in our new home because it’s THAT versatile! Also my kids drew on it (grrrr) shortly there after and it wiped up nicely which is always a selling point for me!! Our California living room served as a multi-functional place both for entertainment and snacking. Since I don’t love to have food on the couch I picked up this tray which is a great place to have food while watching a show, avoids too many messes!  

How incredible is this Root Bowl lined with Rose Gold?? FREAKING INCREDIBLE. 

A space fit for an 8 year old King!! These pictures make me sad because this rental while be it small was our home. We loved it and I loved finding new ways to decorate and style it!

Room Sources:

Coffee Table

Artistic Tray

3 Piece Tray Set

Crocodile & Rose Gold Serving Tray

Root Bowl

This post is brought to you by Home Depot. All opinions are my own.




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