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I recently put my hosting hat back on and have been throwing a lot of parties! I used to be SO over the top with events that I got really worn out but now I’ve perfected the art of simplifying a party! Here are some tips I’ve come up with in partnership with Article. 

My yard still isn’t put in so I’ve been loving finding beautiful parks or borrowing friend’s backyards. Beautiful and mature landscaping is all the decoration you need – especially in this beautiful weather!

Having a beautiful set of table and chairs helps the aesthetic obviously too! I’ve ben loving this set from Article because it sits 6, is durable enough to be outside and is absolutely gorgeous. I find that often times patio and outdoor furniture gets the boot on design but Article seriously does such a stunning job at creating pieces that are just as unique for your outdoor living space.

Another thing I’ve been loving is ditching dishes for paper goods. They make such beautiful options now and it helps so much with your sanity!

I’ve been obsessing over these little white carry out boxes and serving party food in them. My kids get SO stoked about it like they’re opening a present – when really it’s just a sandwich 😉 Tie it with a ribbon and personalize it with a sticker and it seriously is the simplest way to add a special touch.

I also love adding touches like a bouquet of fresh flowers and a cake to party up even a simple family dinner. I think it all looked SO gorgeous against this wood table. A lot of local bakeries will sell pre-made white cakes which you can top with anything to fit your theme. For this lunch I just picked an apple and leaves for the top and it was perfect!

I think what’s most important about party throwing is you remember your intention behind it. If it’s to be extravagant or over the top it will totally stress you out. But if your intention is to create a special memory with your family than a little bit of extra work will go a long way!

Our family is so grateful for the opportunity to work with Article and look forward to all the many years, parties and memories to come around this table.



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