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Before our big move we spruced up the living room with a couple incredible pieces from Home Depot. Yes you heard me right Home Depot! When they asked me to team up with them for a decor post I was truly blown away by the selection of modern beautiful pieces. I had no idea they even had interior styling and furniture offerings but now I know they do and I’ll never go back!! There is SO much to choose from!

I love to entertain so when I found this beautiful serving tray I was so excited! It’s a great place to have set up as an end table and then rearrange with drinks and snacks for when you have guests over. The tray inside it I loved too because it’s lined with a beautiful gold foil. 

I had a coffee table that I”d found on craigslist that wasn’t cutting it for me so I went on the search for the perfect one. I need it round so my kids don’t cut themselves open on it, softer material for that reason too, small enough to be functional in our space and easy to clean. When I found this coffee table, it knocked my socks off! I love the mid-century lines and we will be styling this piece in our new home because it’s THAT versatile! Also my kids drew on it (grrrr) shortly there after and it wiped up nicely which is always a selling point for me!! Our California living room served as a multi-functional place both for entertainment and snacking. Since I don’t love to have food on the couch I picked up this tray which is a great place to have food while watching a show, avoids too many messes!  

How incredible is this Root Bowl lined with Rose Gold?? FREAKING INCREDIBLE. 

A space fit for an 8 year old King!! These pictures make me sad because this rental while be it small was our home. We loved it and I loved finding new ways to decorate and style it!

Room Sources:

Coffee Table

Artistic Tray

3 Piece Tray Set

Crocodile & Rose Gold Serving Tray

Root Bowl

This post is brought to you by Home Depot. All opinions are my own.



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