Hi babe. I’m Jenna. I am a business woman, wife and mamma to 4 and you could say I’m a huge fan of intentional chaos. I am shedding the guilt and shame of the life lived for others and embracing one lived for myself. I am excited about empowering women to love and believe in themselves, to find the power they already have inside.

About Jenna

 i’m so glad you made it. i know you have a lot of places to be on the world wide web and so i promise to make this corner of it efficient, helpful and most of all positive!

 my name is jenna and i’m a wife, mom to four and a business owner. i am the creator of Skin Bae, founder of The Daily Essential Co, and CEO of my own content creation company.  i live in a space i like to call intentional chaos and love partnering with women to find peace in their own life journeys, no matter how full their days are.

 i believe in what you have to offer, that your spirit is immeasurable in value and learning to access those gifts will bring joy to everyone around you and most importantly to yourself.

 here i hope you find respite from your daily challenges and discover new ways to find a home within yourself so you may be free.


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Mama to Quinn, Jude, Lolly and Ruby. Wife to Andrew. It’s taken me a long time to enjoy all of my titles, but the one I love the most is “friend.” I hope you can feel my love for you from here. You are welcome here, anytime.


I’ve been creating content for the internet for nearly a decade. I live a natural, holistic health centered life. I’m a Presidential Diamond with doTERRA, and the owner of The Daily Essential Co.

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I’m the creator of this magical plant-based facial serum that the internet is raving about.


Jenna's Courses

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Give Yourself #AnotherTri

Currently our culture dismisses the new mom and does not give her the adequate royal care she deserves, I believe we are not meant to go this alone. A woman has a baby and hears her medical professional say see you in six weeks.

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