Something that people ask my quite a bit is, how did you even find this?! When I found my lamp fixture in my closet, outfits for my girls or event some rugs in my house. I have some ways to know that I am not throwing my money down the drain and I am here to share!

#1: Read Reviews.

I promise you aren’t the very first person to buy this product. There are people out there that buy products and leave reviews and these people are your lifeline. Look at the pictures they attach to their comments because those will give you a real life indication of what the product actually looks like. People will say “way smaller” or “colors are different” or “exactly what I expected.” Comments like this will give you an idea of what you’re getting into!

#2: Search exactly what you’re looking for.

This sounds insane, but when I am looking for a certain top or an outfit for my girls– I literally type into amazon/google what I am looking for. You would think this wouldn’t yield any results, but stand all amazed when those shoes that you were looking for pop up!

#3: Look at what the products are made of.

This will be a huge indicator of what to expect when the product arrives. For example, I hastily bought some “marble bedside tables” on Amazon when guests were coming to town. They were $75 for the pair annnnnd faux marble aka laminate. Had I checked what they were made of I would have quickly known that I don’t actually want these tables. Which brings me to my next point…

#4: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Only in my dreams can I get two marble top bedside tables for $75. That does not happen! Sometimes you get what you pay for so be prepared if you think you’re getting a killer deal on a product.

#5: Experiment.

If you have the luxury/time/are good at returning things… experiment! This is how you find deals! Look for something that is a good deal to you, let go of the expectations and if it’s awesome– good for you– if it’s bad, return it! I, however, do not recommend doing this experimental buying when you’re in a pinch or counting on it for a special occasion.

Happy shopping friends! Share with me your finds!


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