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Back to school and gym life over here! I am counting my macros again and working super hard to get strong and get in a routine. (Learn what I am doing here). My kids are back in school so things are starting to get back to normal around here and I am seeing a glimpse of a routine. YAY!

#: Frame TV

We sold our TV that was in our living room and got a smaller, cleaner looking TV. I love this one because I can find gorgeous art or a family picture and display that instead of the big, giant black square hanging over my mantle. This is the TV that I wanted to do all along, but because we didn’t have our basement done, this was where my husband and boys watched sports hence the giant TV. BUT, now that the basement is done, we changed things up and  I am loving every single bit of this new, sleek TV!

#2: Unicorn Lunchbox

Lolly owns me and wanted this cute unicorn lunchbox. If you also have a unicorn lover, this one is really cute and is actually quality material. Most that I have found have been cheap and don’t keep her food cold. This one will treat you right!

#3: Boho Dress

I ordered this dress, truly thinking that it was inexpensive and probably going to be straight from China, but stand all amazed! This dress is super cute and I got the bright yellow color and I LOVE it! 

#4: Baseball 

Any baseball moms out there with me? Andrew ordered these baseball things. Knee pads & a catchers mitt. I don’t know a whole lot about the gear, but Andrew assures me that these things are quality and are great for any catcher out there! Play ball! 

#5: Protein Shakes

I am counting my macros again and these are awesome protein shakes that are super low in carbs, but v v high in protein. If this is your jam– these are an awesome find!

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