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Traveling, crawling babies and Keto! That’s what my life and Amazon history looks like right now. I found some awesome finds this month so I am here to share all the goods with you.

#1: Expandable Luggage

I never have enough room for everything until now! I found this suitcase and it truly allows me to overpack (I’m trying to get better) and fit my shoes and makeup and oils and all the things. I usually pack the baby’s things in my bag and guess what? Those things fit too! The rollers on this thing are awesome too. I just set my purse right on top and roll right through the airport. No sore shoulders over here!

#2: Baby Gate

I have a crawler over here! It makes me feel so many emotions, but this gate is sleek, easy to open and close and mounts right to the basement stairwell so she can lean on it and it’s not going anywhere!

#3: Wood Oil + Cream

Do you have a butcher block, cutting board or wood spoons that need some attention? This stuff is magic! It seals and shines and keeps things looking good and most importantly– it keeps pieces of wood out of your food!

#4: ChocZero

I am doing Keto again! It’s a high fat, very very low carb diet. With that being said, every now and then you need a treat. I bought this keto friendly chocolate and it’s so yummy! If you’re doing Keto– here is my Trader Joe’s Keto Shopping List + some breakfast ideas!

#5: Best + Cutest Pan

I’ve had a lot of questions about this pan! I think it’s so freaking cute and the perfect size for cooking scrambled eggs in the morning. It’s nonstick so I don’t have to use a spray and everything slides right off! Win/win!

Have you found anything you’re loving on Amazon recently? Share it in the comments with me!



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