I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon Prime. It’s my lifeline, but also, it can be dangerous to have anything (yes, anything!!!) show up on your doorstep in just 2 days. I thought that I would round up some of my best finds for the month so that I can reflect on what I bought and keep things in check. So here are my June 2019 finds, from me to you!

#1: Little Girl Jammies

The girls needed new sleepwear so I found a couple of amazing, inexpensive pieces. Some of these have other colors and are totally unisex.

Melon Shortsleeve

Maude Longsleeve (Jammies in the picture above)

Cotton Shortsleeve 

#2: Little Girl Gingham Swimmer

I saw swimsuits similar to this on another site, but they were 2x the cost so I was happy to find these and even happier when they arrived! 

#3: Sketch Books for Road Trips

We road trip quite a bit in the summer so these have been awesome for the car! I bought one for each of my kids and they entertain themselves along the way.

#4: Little Girl Bowknot Dress

This dress is So. Freaking. Cute. & I think it will be cute in the fall too! Just add tights and a long sleeve underneath.

#5: Makeup Sponges

I needed makeup sponges and I refuse to buy the 1 sponge for $12 that I see at Target. I ordered these and just like i thought, they are exactly the same and you get FIVE sponges! You’re welcome! 

#6: Boys Swimmer

My boys live in their swimsuits in the summer. I swear it’s all they know how to wear so these are awesome for them. They dry fast, they can wear them to play in, to the pool, anywhere their hearts desire!

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