Hi Mom-to-be! How exciting that you are starting on this journey!? Motherhood has highs and lows and ups and downs and all the in between. Despite what the world is telling you, there is no right or wrong way to do motherhood. YOU are the best and only parent to your child. Whenever this truly sank in for me, it was empowering. I want you to know that you are enough and you already are everything your baby needs.

I like to think of baby items as a bonus! All of these things will make your life easier, but also, pioneers raised their children without all these little gadgets so IF you don’t have every single thing from the moment your baby comes home from the hospital I PROMISE– you are going to be okay!

Let’s get started:

#1: Fridababy Products

In the first 3 months of baby’s life or The 4th Trimester– they are learning how to do everything. I mean, everyyyything. So having some products to help you in that department will totally be leg up! Meet the Windi— this will help your baby pass gas/go to bathroom/relieve bellyaches. Next is the Snotsucker. It’s exactly what it sounds like. There’s a little tube that you put in there tiiiny nose and you suck on the other end (don’t worry there’s a filter) and snot comes out. Annnnd Welcome to Motherhood! Snot/boogies + poop/gas!

Also, the Fridababy Humidifier/Diffuser/Nightlight is so nice because it’s 3 in 1. Having a humidifier in their room helps them stay healthy and keeps congestion at bay. The diffuser is amazing because you can add various oils to support whatever they need. I can help you get all the oils you’re looking for or learn what to use! Now that you’re going to be up in the middle of the night every (single) night… you’ll want a nightlight my friend!

#2: Diapers + Wipes + Cream

Something that I would encourage every mom is to find a diaper that YOU love! Everyone will tell you their favorite, but no diaper is created equally. Everyone wants something different from their diaper. I personally love Pampers Swaddlers + Honest Diapers. I like that they are soft and absorbent. I know lots of friends that love Huggies too! So before you buy the mega giant pack– find what you like!

For wipes, I really think that Costco wipes are the Holy Grail. They are a great value and are very gentle on baby’s skin. Annnd, I can buy lots at one time for a great price! You just can’t beat that!

Some baby’s are more prone to diaper rash and if that’s the case for your babe, make sure you’re changing their diaper often or try a different diaper so that you have a long term solution. But when you see that sore bum, you’ll want a cream to ease the discomfort. Most of the time, I just use this coconut oil— it’s gentle and easy on their skin, but if you want a paste– this is my favorite paste. The ingredients are clean and it’s easy to travel with or keep at your changing station.

#3: Swaddles + Wraps

If you’re a traditional, swaddler– let me introduce you to the best swaddles around. The colors are pretty, but the fabric is SO soft, they are huuuge and stretchy so you can get your babe snug! They also have some of my favorite muslin swaddle prints right here. Also, if you want to see how I love to swaddle my babes, go here!

I love having lots of these muslin swaddles too! They make a great baby shower gift, but also, they are nice and cozy for the car, awesome to wipe up spit it, use as a burp cloth, use as a changing pad and at the end of the day, I can throw it into the laundry room and have another one clean for the next day. Okay, here are some of my favorites!

I love wearing my babies when they are tiny! Solly Baby is my go to for wearing. It’s so nice to be hands free and they usually nap pretty well when they are in there. Some advice, feed them before you wear them. If they are hungry, they are going to be upset and want to nurse.

#4: Diaper Bag

I have had lots of diaper bags over the years and my favorite one that I have owned is Fawn Design. First, it’s beautiful + classy looking so I don’t feel like I look like I am in “mom mode” when I am carrying it. Second, it fits everything I need. With 4 kids, there’s always a kid that wants me to carry something of theirs and this bag allows me to fit all the things. It’s also wipeable so when things spill (& they will) you can easily clean up the mess.

#5: Nursing Cover + Carseat Cover

These are amazing! They cover your carseat when your baby is sleeping and you’re running into Target or if it’s cold out and you don’t want their tiny cheeks getting cold. They are also awesome for nursing, especially if you’re wearing something that isn’t “nursing friendly” because you can basically take your whole shirt off and no one would know. I also love these for when your baby is a little older and sits in the cart at the store– you can line their seat with this so that they aren’t touching the gross carts.

#6: Carseat + Stroller + Car Mirror

Okay, this is the Cadillac of strollers, BUT before I lose you– it is worth the hype and the money. It’s beautiful, rides so smooth, is easy to open and close and has attachments that grow with your child. Get this, I can click in my carseat and have the extra seat for Lolly annnd I can have the skateboard on the back for my boys. Yeah, I can be a total circus and accommodate allll of my kids, it’s truly amazing. I would also highly recommend that you buy the matching carseat because it clicks into the travel system. That way when you’re running errands and baby is asleep, you don’t have to transfer them into anything. Just click them in and go.

For the car, I love a car mirror. When they are rear facing you just can’t see them while you’re driving. This cute little mirror allows you to see (hopefully) their sleeping face.

#7: Pacifiers + Clips

These are my favorite pacis and clips! They are soft and pretty and are easy for them to hold in their mouths. If you’re buying pacis, you’ve gotta have clips because otherwise they end up on the floor and dirty. These clips are small and soft so when she falls asleep with them, they aren’t pinching or hurting.

#8: Medicine + Sanitizer + Thermometer

I like to have some baby Tylenol on hand. It’s nice to have just for added comfort. I give some to my baby after they get shots or have been circumcised. Just to help keep them comfortable.

For day to day health, I love using oils on my baby. When properly diluted, they can be such a tool for immunity, sleep support and emotional support. I like to diffuse lavender when baby is sleeping. I love Stronger on their feet for immune support. I love to diffuse peppermint and breathe if they have a runny nose or cough. I love the OnGuard hand sanitizer to spray on anyone holding baby. And so many more, if you’re interested in oils or need help deciding which you would like for your baby, find me over on The Daily Essential Co. & DM me!

I love this thermometer for baby. For the first 12 weeks, if baby has a fever at all, you’re instructed to take them to the emergency room. For that reason, it’s nice to have a thermometer for an accurate reading.

#9: Baby Bath + Towels

There are so many baths out there to choose from, but I bought this one. Ruby will use it from birth until she can sit up on her own in the tub. It’s super clean and easy and goes straight into your tub so there’s no added mess. If you have other kids that you’re bathing, it’s nice to just do it all at once!

I love this towel! It is SO soft and big. The hood keeps your baby’s head warm and it makes it easier to dry them off. These towels are big enough for your toddlers too so they totally grow with your babe.

#10: Burp Cloths + Changing Pad

I would buy these cheap burp cloths and use the heck out of them and then just be done with them after baby. I wouldn’t spend much burp cloths after all, they are going to get spit up on them!

I love love love this changing pad. It’s leather so you can wipe it really easily. It also folds up surprisingly really small!

#11: Bottles + Breast Pump + Formula + Bags

This part of motherhood can be intimidating, but it’s also essential to your journey. Feeding your baby can feel all consuming and it seems like you will have so many questions. First, feed your baby. However that looks for you– feed them. That’s what matters most! I have always nursed my babies and supplemented when I needed to.

At the beginning, when I am making way more milk than my tiny baby is eating. I like to pump to stock the freezer. This can seem intimidating so– remember, you’re feeding baby, not the freezer. If you don’t have TONS of stock in your freezer right away, don’t panic and slowly, but surely you will! I like to use this pump. Most insurances cover breast pumps and this one’s covered. It’s light and easy. I like to store my milk in these bags and lay them down flat in your freezer. Once they are hard and frozen, you can easily stack them in a bin.

I’ve found that all my babies really like these bottles and keeps them from getting really gassy. My advice is to find a bottle that your baby likes and give it to them at least once a week so that they get comfortable with taking a bottle. It’s totally a learned skill!  

I also believe in having formula on hand, this one is most like breastmilk and isn’t full of chemicals and artificial ingredients. There’s also this option, it’s prepackaged for the perfect amount. It’s nice to leave with a babysitter or have in your diaper bag and you don’t have to measure things out. There are moments when you don’t have enough supply in your freezer to leave your baby, but you’re going to get invited on a date or want to get your nails done or go to the movies and YOU SHOULD! Having extra food on hand only makes your life easier.

#12: Sound Machine

Every baby needs a good sound machine and this is the best I have found! It’s portable so you can stick it in their carseats when you’re in the car, but also it’s loud enough to be used in the nursery. The charger is a USB so when it’s low battery, I can plug it into the car charger in the car. It also has a “shush” setting… need I say more?

#13: Check out my Baby Must Haves for things I use for the first 12 months!

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