Can you even believe that your baby is 6 months!?  This milestone is always sad for me. I realize how fleeting time is. I look back on old pictures and see a tiny 6lb baby and miss the floppy, sleepy newborn days. While it’s sad to leave the newborn stage behind, life gets easier and easier as baby grows. Sleep becomes more consistent. Baby eats better. Colic usually has faded. Baby can entertain themselves longer. There is joy in the growing!

If your baby is under 6 months, check out this post here. If you want an idea for the whole first year, go here!

Alright, let’s get started:

#1: High Chair + Mat

Here’s my philosophy on highchairs, buy a high chair that is either SUPER collapsible because you’re going to use it with all your kids orrr buy one cheap enough that you can donate it after you are done with it. High chairs are such a pain to store and move around with. Ruby was my first baby where we weren’t moving/renting and I bought a goregeous one from Skiphop (that has now been recalled), but I would only suggest investing money there IF you’re going to get mileage out of it with lots of kids. Otherwise, this high chair is cheap, actually amazing, clean looking and all you need! This is what I used for my first 3!

I love putting a mat under the high chair because food gets everywhere. No matter what. No exceptions. I think these ones are gorgeous and when you’re done using it under the high chair, I love these mats for playing at the beach or the park.

#2: Dishes + Cups + Bibs

What’s nice about buying baby dishes and cups and bibs and all the things is they are going to use them for a while. Even when they are 3 years old, they will probably still be using some of these things so find something you like! I love my baby’s dishes with suction on the bottom. How many times has an entire plate been pushed over the edge of your high chair or table? Endless amounts of times? Same. Suction my friends! These ones are awesome!

I love this sippy when starting out. Baby doesn’t have to find the exact place to drink, if they can get it to their mouth, they’ve got it!

Bibs with catchers are a MUST. Once again, food everywhere. Everywhere. Seriously, you’ll want that food mat, I promise. The catcher gets the things that don’t make it in their mouth. Aka. Everything, yallll! (Can you tell that I am in the thick of this?!) Also, these ones roll up and store super easy and I’ve found they stay on baby better and move with them because they aren’t so stiff.

#3: Snack Cup

I love a snack cup. It helps with motor skills and gives me a place to put goldfish that won’t spill and be everywhere. I have a couple of these that I keep in my church bag/car/swimbag/diaper bag so that I always have some sort of snack wherever I am!

#4: Chair

Here is another Fisher Price find! I loved this baby seat (& the price) before Ruby could sit up and wanted to look around and see us. It’s lightweight and I moved this all around my house when I was working or trying to get something….anything done.

At 6 months, I start putting my babies in this seat. I love this one because I can feed them food (while they are learning) and just hose them  & the seat down and all is clean again! It’s also easy to drag around the house and helps her learn how to sit up. There’s also this attachment that I just recently bought that I can put snacks on and she can pick at. I didn’t think that I would love it as much as I do!

#5: Carrier + Shopping Cart Cover

This is a bit of a splurge, BUT I promise it is worth the money. If you’re doing anything outside, you want one of these. They are breathable, easy to wear annnd your husband can wear it too. I even wear mine are the house sometimes to get chores done. Also, if you’re flying… being handsfree is essential. You can easily use this until they are walking! There is an infant insert so you can use it when they are tiny too, I just find it gets easier at about 4 months and is perrrrfect at 6+ months!

These are amazing! They cover your carseat when your baby is sleeping and you’re running into Target or if it’s cold out and you don’t want their tiny cheeks getting cold. They are also awesome for nursing, especially if you’re wearing something that isn’t “nursing friendly” because you can basically take your whole shirt off and no one would know. I also love these for when your baby is a little older and sits in the cart at the store– you can line their seat with this so that they aren’t touching the gross carts.

#6: Stroller

Okay, this is the Cadillac of strollers, BUT before I lose you– it is worth the hype and the money. It’s beautiful, rides so smooth, is easy to open and close and has attachments that grow with your child. Get this, I can click in my carseat and have the extra seat for Lolly annnd I can have the skateboard on the back for my boys. Yeah, I can be a total circus and accommodate allll of my kids, it’s truly amazing. I would also highly recommend that you buy the matching carseat because it clicks into the travel system. That way when you’re running errands and baby is asleep, you don’t have to transfer them into anything. Just click them in and go.

This is my favorite umbrella style stroller. This one is super light, but shockingly durable. Also, you can set almost any carseat in it. I love anything that is compatible with a carseat because when they are asleep in the car seat, I will do annyyything to not have to unbuckle them and wake them up.

#7: Teething

Cutting teeth is serious business and painful for little ones, I always give my babies a little bit of this and I have various teething toys for them to chew on to get the sucker through the gums. And if you’re into the hippy vibes, I’ve used these amber teething necklaces, they help calm and comfort your baby.

#8: Sleepsack

Once your baby starts to rollover, you don’t want to be swaddling anymore, so these sleepsacks are awesome! They keep loose blankets away from their faces, but also keep them warm and cozy.

#9: Activity Gym + Arch

This is another thing that I hate spending lots of money on. They only use these things for a relatively short amount of time so don’t spend a ton of money on. I have been using this one and Ruby seems to love it! It’s bright colored and has all the dangly things for her to look at!

This arch is also amazing, because it’s compatible with so many chairs and carseats and more. It’s nice to have this option, especially is you’re traveling while baby is awake or needing to entertain baby while you get ready or whatnot.

#10: Check out my Baby Must Haves for things I use for the first 12 months!

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