My kids are back in school!!! Can you hear the excitement in those typed words? Because there is a TON of excitement!!! My kids attend a charter school so they have to wear uniforms everyday. If you’re like me, this is a blessing and a curse. 1) I don’t have to pick out any outfits and there are zero outfit fights, but 2) they wear the same clothes Every. Single. Day. so my laundry game as to be on point annnnnd it’s usually not.

This year, I hunted for good deals on uniform clothes so that I could buy multiples and send my kids to school in clean clothes. You’re welcome teachers!!! 

Here are my finds: 


Boys Khaki Chinos

Boys Rolled Chinos (Multiple Colors)

Boys Black Leather Belt

Boys Polo Shirts (Multiple Colors)

Boys White Collared Shirt

Boys Suit Coat Jacket


Girls Collared Shirt

Girls Skinny Uniform Pants (Multiple Colors)

Girls Uniform Skort (Multiple Colors)

Girls Pleated Uniform Skort

Do your kids wear uniforms? Let me know if you found any good deals too! 

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