The basement. It’s kind of a trigger word in our house and we are all still recovering from the 8 month process it’s been! We are grateful to have been able to finish it and now we know moving forward that timelines in renovation and construction are basically imaginary and you can just plan on your project being finished when the universe allows it 🙂

There are still so many little things to do so we will be doing these reveals over time but I am SO FREAKING STOKED to share with you THE KITCHEN!

I got a few comments asking why would I put a kitchen in my basement when I already have a beautiful one?! Good  question! We wanted to have a space where we could keep drinks and snacks for the downstairs theatre and playroom as well as a place where guests could feel like they could come to our home and have a space of their own! You know when your kids wake up at 5am at a friends house and you’re trying to keep them quiet and feed them cereal? It’s tough! So I wanted to have a space that accommodated our friends and family as well as gave me a second kitchen to utilize when we have large gatherings!

I am so totally obsessed with the kitchen and I hope you will be too!

I wanted to take some fun risks in the basement since I had gone so simple and white in the kitchen upstairs! Open shelving didn’t make sense to me in our main kitchen because I cook a lot and need a lot of closed storage for all our appliances so it was fun to do open shelving in the uppers!

The lower cabinets were custom by our friend Tadd Cox – aren’t they gorgeous? He doesn’t have a website but you can DM me if you’re in Utah and I can get you his contact information! The color of the cabinets are Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. I love how this color plays in the light and is sometimes lends to blue or green depending!

The open shelving is quartered oak which we also had custom made by Tadd. My husband Andrew stained them with this stain. We may add some more white in so you can see more grain in the future but for now I’m really loving them!

The backsplash tile is from Contempo Tile and is a simple crayon shape in Bright White. I LOVE it and would do it in other places in the house for sure! It’s fairly inexpensive but more interesting than a subway tile! The faucet is the same we have in our upstairs kitchen and I’m obsessed with it. The Champagne Gold is such a great unique color and somehow it doesn’t get TOO spotty from water and fingerprints which I appreciate!

Let’s talk about the waterfall island. DEFINITELY my favorite part of the kitchen! It makes such a statement without being over the top – it was totally worth the investment! We decided to go with Home Depot for our countertops and it was truly THE BEST experience. Work can be really hard to find in Utah right now. There is SO MUCH new construction that it can be difficult to get people out to finish jobs. Not with Home Depot! I took my dimensions in and worked with the BEST people who just know their job. I didn’t have time or energy to figure out depth or what would look best and they did it all for me. I also love that they sent actual templates and 3d drawings of how the counter tops would look in the space so I could adjust things. This counter is Calatta Gold Quartz.

The grain in it is is so soft but yet SO GORGEOUS. Do you think Andrew would be mad at me if I wanted to replace all the upstairs with this material? YES YES HE WOULD.

Gasp. Love it so much.

The appliances are all Whirlpool! We had done higher end appliances in our upstairs and couldn’t afford to go that route downstairs as well. I love the options we found for well made but budget friendly appliances and these are working great!! I especially love the option of having a double oven, dishwasher and fridge down here for hosting parties. They’ve already been put to good use. We decided not to do a stove top because FIRE and kids and I just didn’t want to not be able to keep an eye on it when they’re downstairs playing!

Fridge // Double Oven // Dishwasher

Baby Got Back.

The floor! Okay this has a lot of questions on it. I could do a whole blog post and maybe I will but I’ll keep talking more about these as we do more reveals. This is Natural Maple Engineered Vinyl Plank from Lumber Liquidators. What I’ve learned is it’s a newer manufactured tile and nicer, stronger and feels better than even Luxury Vinyl Tile. I was hesitant to use anything but wood but after my experience with maintenance with my wood (NIGHTMARE) I wanted to be able to have a breathe easy space in the basement where the kids can have a drink and I don’t have to panic! This stuff is INDESTRUCTIBLE. Andrew installed the entire floor himself. Technically guys it’s SO EASY but just freaking time consuming. It took him almost 4 days to lay the basement flooring we chose to do this in, which was about 1000 square feet. ANYONE can do it but just plan on some time and buying some knee pads 🙂  

Okay I think that’s all I have for you for now! Leave any questions and I can source everything below! I know this is a long post but hopefully helpful to you! Thanks for stopping by and for all the love and kindness!!


Stools // Rug // Cutting Board //





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