Okay, this is the Cadillac of strollers, BUT before I lose you– it is worth the hype and the money. It’s beautiful, rides so smooth, is easy to open and close and has attachments that grow with your child.

Get this, I can click in my carseat and have the extra seat for Lolly annnd I can have the skateboard on the back for my boys. Yeah, I can be a total circus and accommodate allll of my kids, it’s truly amazing.

I also love that it comes with a bassinet. I love being able to lay Ruby down in the bassinet while we are at the park or out and about. It feels better than letting her stay in the carseat all day. (4th baby problems, yalllll!)

I would also highly recommend that you buy the matching carseat because it clicks into the travel system. That way when you’re running errands and baby is asleep, you don’t have to transfer them into anything. Just click them in and go.

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