One of the questions that I get asked the most is, what is your skincare routine? Let me tell you. I have had highs and lows with my skin. I had perioral dermatitis. I do get zits every now and then, but my skin is dry and isn’t *usually* acne prone. My goal with my skin is for it to be clear, hydrated and glowing. I use clean products because I have found that they are gentle on my skin and don’t leave scarring or discoloration.

Okay, here’s the tea:

First– I wash my face morning and night with this cleanser & my PMD! The ingredients in the cleanser are clean, safe and don’t dry out the skin. You can also go here + use code Jenna20 for 20% off!

Second– I apply my skin bae serum to my entire face. I do this by putting a few drops in my fingertips and press it all over my face. I try not to pull on my skin to much to avoid fine lines and wrinkles.

Third– I use my jade roller all over my face. These rollers help reduce inflammation and help your product absorb into the skin.

**I use Melaleuca (tea tree) as a spot treatment for zits.

This regimen is so easy and quick. I have had times in my life where I am using allll the products, but I have found the gentler and cleaner you are to your skin, the kinder it is to you!

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