Father’s Day is just around the corner and I’m here to make your life a little bit easier! All of these things can be purchased through Amazon and will arrive in 2 days– like all good gifts do!


Here are some of Andrew’s Father’s Day Favorites–





#1: Slicing Knife

#2: Cutting Board

#3: Meat Shredders

 #4: Camp Chef

#5: Butcher Paper


#6: Airpods 

#7: Airpods Dupes

#8: Tiles


#9: ABC Pants

#10: Joggers

 #11: Socks

 Beard Care:

 #12: Beard Clay

#13: Beard Brush + Comb

#14: Beard Trimmer (get $5 off through this link)


 Andrew is the best dad – he takes the boys to the sport du jour, dresses up for tea parties with Lolly and is the only one who can make Ruby stay still when getting her diaper changed. In addition to being my husband, he’s also my own personal therapist and best friend. I try to celebrate him every day, but the kids and I love being a little extra around Father’s Day. 

That said, we didn’t always have the means to spoil him the way he deserves… so, if you feel the same, don’t feel the pressure to buy, buy, buy.

For many years, my kids gave Andrew handwritten cards and crafts and let me tell you, he was just as happy then as he is now. None of these gifts will show that you love someone more. Share a meal, spend time doing what they love and speak your love to them.




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