This is my gift to you, friends. Send this link to your significant other and have the merriest freaking Christmas. If you get anything off this list– you will be a jolly camper! Here are some Amazon finds that aren’t on the list below!

#1: Skin Bae

If you haven’t heard the hype–let me tell you, this stuff is amazing, plant magic and will totally make your skin glow! You can click on my Skin Bae highlight bubble to learn more about this product and see everyone’s reviews if you have any questions!

#2: Blow Dryer + Heat Tolls

This baby is pricey, but will be your best friend. I have thick hair and blow drying my hair is always a process. This guy gets the job done well & doesn’t damage my hair in the process. I love this big barrel curling iron— I get the pretty, beachy curls this way. When you get it, follow the heat suggestions for best results.

#3: PMD

You’ve got two options here! The first, you can do the PMD Clean that’s perfect for everyday use. It helps deep clean your skin and exfoliate your skin. The second, is the PMD Microderm this one I use once/twice a week that is a deeper exfoliation tool and helps clear & smooth the skin. If you were to get both– WOW, you will be extra extra happy. (You can read my skin care routine and see how I use mine!)

#4: Jammies + Slippers + Socks

You can never go wrong with Jammies. These babies are buttery soft and they look amazing. These are the jammies that you can run errands in and still look glamorous. I have these slippers that I picked up from Walmart years ago (still going strong) and I love them! These socks are alwayyyys a crowd pleaser and they are cheap, cute and Christmas themed– perfect for stockings!

#5: Hair Clips + Makeup

These cutie hair clips are another great stocking stuffer. They are cute to make greasy, mom hair a little more glam. (Just me?!) People sell these all over, but this is definitely the cheapest best deal right here on Amazon. Okay, this make up set is a golden find. These are all of the best sellers at Sephora. It’s nice to have options and you can get a little makeup for all over the face. And the price is v v nice! 

What are you hoping to see in your stocking?! Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner! If you have any questions, ask away!

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