One of my favorite things to do year round, but especially around the holidays is to create pretty snack boards! I make them for kid’s parties, holiday parties, hot cocoa bars, Sunday dinners– for everything! I feel that they elevate and beautify foods that you were already going to serve.



Here are my tips to help you make a gorgeous snack board!



#1: Buy lots of variety & set everything out



One of the prettiest parts of snack boards is seeing all the different items in one place. When you have too much of one thing, it starts to dominate the board. For example, if you’re buying crackers to go on a meat and cheese board. Instead of just buying a giant box of wheat thins, buy a smaller box of wheat thins, triscuits and artisan crackers. That way you have some variety in texture and flavors. Get out all the things you want to put on your board so you have an idea of what you’re going to put out.



#2: Start with placing the round items



Whether you’re placing wheels of cheese or cute, little bowls– place these first! This helps give you items to give you a “center” to work off of, making everything look more cohesive. 



#3: Avoid putting the same colors next to each other



If you’re putting together a board, avoid putting colors next to each other. This way you don’t have a section that your eye immediately pulls to. This isn’t always possible, but this is something that I try to do.



#4: Smaller repeating piles



Instead of doing a big pile of carrots on your board, break the pile up into smaller piles and spread them throughout your board. This way you get some color variety and it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



#5: Just get started



I have people tell me that they are overwhelmed and so they avoid these boards. I am here to tell you that you can totally have the prettiest board on the block. Get started, don’t be afraid to move things around, try new things and serve something different. You will learn as you go my friends!



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