I know, I know, I’ve heard rumbling that declaring whether you are being paid for something or not makes you an inauthentic influencer, but I disagree! While I don’t partner with anyone who I don’t love and believe in, I do think noting I used my own dollars to purchase something matters, to you and to me! + if you would like $100 off your purchase, use the code 5JV2ZH.
Moving on 🙂

I bought my Peloton in January 2020 before the apocalypse hit, so I have to say it’s the best purchase my past self did for my current self. Although even before all gyms were shut down I decided to cancel my membership at a bootcamp gym for $160/month for many reasons, but the biggest of which was time. Between driving and chatting and distractions I would usually be gone 1.5 hours  and the times offered made it so it  just cut in to my day way too much! The thing about the Peloton that has me totally sold is I can have an all out, sweaty workout in just 30 minutes. I walk downstairs, I get on my bike, I hustle and then that’s it. 30 minutes in and out!

Influenced by my friend and long time Peloton rider, Emily Hill I finally took the plunge on the Peloton. The whole experience is truly deluxe. From the fancy Peloton van that shows up on your door and sets up the bike for you to the beautiful box of equipment it’s a bougie experience from the start. You quickly find out though that the rides aren’t fancy, they’re gritty, they’re hard and no one can do the work for you, but you. 

The community aspect of Peloton was something I had NO idea would come when the bike was set up in our home gym. The instructors, the community, my friends in the Jenna’s Kitchen community who ride with me – all of it is the most encouraging uplifting vibe ever and if you’re in to group fitness – you will still get the vibe, at home. It’s remarkable!

If you don’t want to pay for the bike upfront– there is a 0% financing option! The bike comes down to $58 a month + if you want to add the subscription it’s $40. So for about $100, you too, can be biking off into the sunset with me! PS: If you do have the subscription add me as a friend Jennaskitchen!!

Are you worried about staying motivated? Peloton has you earning medals and stickers and flashing signs and all the things until you finally realize you’re competing with yourself and no one else! It’s awesome and makes you want to jump on your bike to get closer to that next milestone!

One thing that surprised me is the VAST amount of classes. Everything from beginner to advanced to type of class and music there really is something for everyone! I also love doing their 10min arm workouts (yes you can have weights on your bike) and it’s a quick burn out and I love to do those after a ride!

ONE DOWN SIDE- You MAY not like your Peloton if you’ve never cycled before. I’ve done years of spin and cycle classes and absolutely love the feel of it on my body and knees and know it’s a burner for my legs and I love it. I think having some experience in an in studio cycle studio would benefit you although not necessary. If you hate cycling you will hate the peloton 🙂 BUT I believe that the Peloton miiiight just possibly change your mind about cycling.

If you have any questions, ask away!

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