Hi friends! Now that Ruby is 7 months old (where has the time gone?!?!) I feel like I can totally share must-haves for the first 6 months of life & most of these things I am still using today. Everyone will swear that you need this or that with all the bells & whistles– but I am giving you true items that I use/used every. single. day. & if I had another baby (and that’s a giant IF) I would make sure I had these things again. (Also, here is the link to these jeans!)

 This is my philosophy on baby gear:  

    • I don’t want to spend more than I need to
    • I want to buy things that I can use for a long time 
    • I want to buy things that are going to make my life easier

With me? Yeah you are. So-  here goes! Jenna Rammell’s ultimate list of baby-must haves after birthing 4 magical little humans in the world! 

#1: Stroller

Okay, this is the Cadillac of strollers, BUT before I lose you– it is worth the hype and the money. It’s beautiful, rides so smooth, is easy to open and close and has attachments that grow with your child. Get this, I can click in my carseat and have the extra seat for Lolly annnd I can have the skateboard on the back for my boys. Yeah, I can be a total circus and accommodate allll of my kids, it’s truly amazing. I would also highly recommend that you buy the matching carseat because it clicks into the travel system. That way when you’re running errands and baby is asleep, you don’t have to transfer them into anything. Just click them in and go.


#2: Baby Monitor/Camera

If you are like me at all and would prefer to stare at your baby the entire night because you’re terrified of anything and everything happening to their sweet tiny bodies… this is for you. I am a little paranoid (especially in those early days) of SIDS. Terrified. Who isn’t? So for me, this is all for my peace of mind. The Owlet Smart Sock makes me feel like I am checking my baby back into the nursery at the hospital. Like someone is watching her for me at all times. It’s just that extra assurance that I can fall asleep without thinking the absolute worst is going to happen.

I moved Ruby into her crib at 4 months and that’s when I started using the camera. I was able to check in on her during nap time and see her cute, sleeping face. It links with your smart sock so you can see their vitals and see them! This is something that I wish I had with all my kids!!

 #3: Portable Sleeper

 The Dock-a-tot is the holy grail of baby loungers! I had this down in my living room/office/basement for the beginning of Ruby’s life. When she was tiny and wasn’t napping in her bed yet, it was so nice to have this accessible to just move about my house. I would lay her in it and the raised edges help with moro reflex so she didn’t always have to be swaddled. In the beginning it’s nice to have a portable bed so you aren’t trapped upstairs by the bassinet, adjusting a binky.

Also, this was awesome for travel! Because it’s a baby item, you can check it for free and take it with you. I loved this in hotels and making a pack-n-play a little cozier.  

This is another favorite bed that I found! I loved this when Ruby was teeny, tiny. There is an adjustable piece at the bottom that you can move as they grow– making the bed super cozy and womb like.

#4: Swaddles

If you’re a traditional, swaddler– let me introduce you to the best swaddles around. The colors are pretty, but the fabric is SO soft, they are huuuge and stretchy so you can get your babe snug! They also have some of my favorite muslin swaddle prints right here. Also, if you want to see how I love to swaddle my babes, go here!

I love having lots of these muslin swaddles too! They make a great baby shower gift, but also, they are nice and cozy for the car, awesome to wipe up spit it, use as a burp cloth, use as a changing pad and at the end of the day, I can throw it into the laundry room and have another one clean for the next day. Okay, here are some of my favorites!

 Now that I am not swaddling Ruby anymore, I have moved to sleep sacks. They are so nice for safe sleep because there aren’t any loose blankets! I found this one that is a lighter and doesn’t get twisted when she’s rolling around her crib.

#5: Sound Machine

Every baby needs a good sound machine and this is the best I have found! It’s portable so you can stick it in their carseats when you’re in the car, but also it’s loud enough to be used in the nursery. The charger is a USB so when it’s low battery, I can plug it into the car charger in the car. It also has a “shush” setting… need I say more?  

#6: Paci’s and Clips

These are my favorite pacis and clips! They are soft and pretty and I have found that Ruby is able to hold these really well in her mouth. If you’re buying pacis, you’ve gotta have clips because otherwise they end up on the floor and dirty. These clips are small and soft so when she falls asleep with them, they aren’t pinching or hurting. 

#7: Sleeper

This Fisher Price beauty is one of the best baby finds. (I know this isn’t “safe sleep,” I know, but this is what my babies have slept in.) It’s slightly elevated so it helps with reflux, it also rocks which is SO nice when a baby is used to your rocking body for 9 months. I also found that it was perfect for setting baby in while you were hopping in the shower or brushing your teeth. It will gently rock them so you can buy yourself 5-6 minutes.

#8: Baby Lounger

At 6 months, I started putting her in this baby seat. This one is nice because I can feed her food (while she is learning) and just hose her & the seat down and all is clean again! It’s also easy to drag around the house and helps her learn how to sit up.

#9: Health

I really don’t like using medicine on my babies when they are so tiny, but I want to be able to support their immune system, help them with a cough or runny nose and sleep better so these are the oils that I use on my babies and myself. These touch rollers are already diluted so it brings me peace of mind that they are safe on their skin. I talk a lot about oil education, how to use oils and how to purchase oils over on The Daily Essential Co.. Come learn with me 

Okay, let’s talk about baby nails. They have the smallest little fingers and if you have ever cut a babies nails too short– you know how terrible you feel after. I found this little number, that files the nail instead of cutting them. Genius. That way there’s no blood, sweat or tears involved!

Next is this 3-in-1- humidifier and why didn’t I have this for all my babies!? Living in Utah, it’s dryyyy. I had this bad boy going all winter to help Ruby stay healthy. Andrew and I joked and called it her “ecosystem” because this made her room cozy and comfortable. I also will drop a couple of drops of lavender in the diffuser to help support sleep each night.

#10: Baby Bath 

There are so many baths out there to choose from so I bought this one. Ruby will use it from birth until she can sit up on her own in the tub. It’s super clean and easy and goes straight into your tub so there’s no added mess. If you have other kids that you’re bathing, it’s nice to just do it all at once!

#11: Bows

My favorite bows that I have used for both Lolly and Ruby are right here! They are soft and stay on, which is everything you need in a bow. There are tons of colors and cute prints. They are stretchy and grow with your babe so they aren’t a one and done kind of bow. Lilerally, ever picture of Ruby in this post is a Baby Bling bow!

#12: Jammies

Every. Single. One. Of my kids have worn these jammies and still wear these jammies. This is not a drill, they are the softest thing on the planet. I gift a these to all my friends with new babies so they can know of this goodness from the beginning. They also have the little hand covers to keep babies hands warm and to keep away those tiny nails. I love all my new babies in white so click here and get these jammies and you’re welcome! 

 #13: Carriers 

When it comes to baby wearing, these 2 are my absolute favorites! Lolly lived in these wraps. They are the best for when they are tiny and you need to be hands free. This wrap is my favorite once baby gets a little bigger and can hold their head up on their own. Andrew can wear it when we go to the park or on hikes. Which is nice when you have other kids that need you! 

I truly hope this post finds you well! As you’re about to (maybe) welcome a little one into your life, I hope you know that YOU already are everything your baby needs. All your baby needs to be happy in this world is you!




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