Alright, here is my #1 requested skin solution…Skin Bae! If you follow The Daily Essential Co. you would know that for many women this combo has changed their skin.

I have to let you know, that when I get a dm/email/text/call from someone that is loving this mixture– it truly warms my heart and makes my entire week. THIS is why I do what I do!

All of these oils are very healing, reparative and revitalizing. I believe that the Therapeutic Grade oils allows for pure ingredients to work deep into your skin actually reversing damage. There are no fillers, no chemicals, no perfumes in this bottle. Allowing your skin to absorb ONLY the good stuff!

What you need:


First, grab your 30ml bottle and add 50 drops of Yarrow Pom + 20 drops of Copaiba + 20 drops of Frankincense. Then, fill the rest of the bottle with Rosehip oil. 

If these feels overwhelming/expensive to you, but you’d like to see an improvement in your skin– please, please, please reach out to me! I can get you wholesale pricing for these oils & I want to help!



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