When details matter, I trust no other location to love on myself & the important people in my life than The Grand America Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I don’t often talk about business here on the blog, because my business has its own life over on The Daily Essential Co, but, when I need to mix business with pleasure, I think myself and my team of business builders & dreamers deserve THE BEST. I trusted The Grand America to take very good care of me, my girls and our bodies while we relaxed & simultaneously reinvigorated our minds to truly crush our goals this year.


Whether you have a large gathering of team members that you need delicious catering for and a huge meeting space, or if you’re just casually treating your MVP’s on your team to facials, massages, and delightful afternoon high-tea, I’m always so thrilled with every SINGLE element of my experience at The Grand America. Some of our most GRAND memories as a group have come from being pampered at every corner of this DREAM destination. 

From the warm, perfectly buttery chocolate chip cookies that greet you at check-in, to the gorgeous marble bathrooms & luxurious clean, soft & cozy room robes, no detail is too small to make your day & your life just a little bit more GRAND. 



But the treats don’t just stop at The Grand America with adults & business– when all of the work is done (yeah… like that ever happens)… or at least when you’ve put it away… because all work is NO fun, it’s time to play. The Grand is the BEST place to spoil the ENTIRE family. Lolly owns me, and basically every adult that is around her… so she had lots of fun “Aunt’ time with my closest team members who truly made her feel like a Princess in The Grand America’s legendary toy & gift shoppe, and then she came back to her Princess room, in her Palace (aka our new home, The Grand America) and basically now her normal life is no longer good enough. 


We all wear a crown at The Grand America

I can’t say that I blamer her… because, truly… just walking on these gorgeous grounds will make anyone have a Meghan Markle moment. I have been fortunate enough to be a truly luxurious resorts around the world, and The Grand America is so, so up there as one of my favorite destinations in the world. I’m so lucky to have it basically in backyard– but if you’ve never been here, and are headed to Salt Lake City, you HAVE to promise me that you’ll check out The Grand America. 

All of this time spent planning, scheming & dreaming gave me plenty of time to think through some of the important stuff I’ve learned over the last month. 

Thought I’d close out my post with these thoughts: 

1. Whether you’re 14 or 34, not everyone will like you and sometimes you’ll notice. Whether it’s a salty interaction or the old social media cold shoulder – it’s up to you to consider how that interaction (or lack thereof) is going to make you feel. Maybe not everything is about you (imagine that) so just keep on loving yourself even when your ego wants to lead you elsewhere.

2. Life can change really fast. Whether a life altering diagnosis or passing to the other side, aching for people can be the price of loving them, be grateful for the gift.
3. Be open to new friendships, you never know who will surprise you.
4. Lean in to the possibility that things might just work out even if your mind wants to find all the ways it won’t.
5. Reese’s bats trump all other seasonal Reese’s.
6. Take yourself for a week at The Grand America in Salt Lake Citycause it really does #makelifegrand.
7. Keep showing up. Even when there feels like no progress being made, there is, you just can’t see it yet.


I’d love to send a BIG thanks to The Grand America for this post, and the consideration they gave to me, my team and my family. It’s truly so, so GRAND, but the team there makes such a palatial place always, always feel like home. 

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