Welcome to Mindful Holiday! My intention in creating this series is that you can focus your Holiday season on the things that matter most– your family! Often times, this season can be full of “have to’s” and obligations, but I want to help you fill this time with joy + light!

One of my favorite (& easiest) things to do in the Holiday season is watching Christmas movies! I love them + my kids love them. The message in the movie is always inspiring + makes me want to spread cheer with everyone. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way! There is also a great selection on Netflix that my kids have found. Classics mixed with some cheesy Hallmark movies (that I’m a total sucker for!!) 

Instead of putting on a movie to pass the time, I try to sit down with my kids and watch a movie with my kids. This means so much to them and I think there is no greater joy than hearing your kids laugh at a movie. I usually make popcorn and try to make the experience special and thoughtful for my children.

I love this yummy, seasonal popcorn, my kids think I’m the fanciest when I make this. It’s actually veryyy easy + I usually have all the ingredients on hand. Just call me Mrs. Claus!

Each year, I make an advent calendar that we do as a family. Instead of putting candy or gift in the calendar, I write daily service prompts. My kids think it is so fun to read the prompt and see who can do the challenge first. Some things are family service and some are individual, but the point is that they are thinking about giving– not just receiving. 

I found this cute advent calendar at Target and it’s perfect for stuffing little pieces of paper in. You can totally make these up on your own and make them super specific to your family + children. These are the prompts that I am using for my family. Save this image or print out this PDF.  

As we are approaching this Holiday season, I would challenge you to set an intention for how you want this year to feel. Envision your family feeling light + love + growing closer together. Write down your intention for the season so you can be reminded of your goal + purpose. It is important that your desire for you + your family doesn’t get lost in the hustle & bustle of the season.

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