I’ve historically had SUCH a tragic relationship with taxes. Doing taxes all on my own, without a guided, easy DIY tax solution would leave me so very panicked. And now that our lives are already hit with massive panic over these scary pandemic headlines, with the added stress of having everyone home, it seemed like finding the time & patience to get our taxes filed by the new July 15th filing deadline (even though we can still file and start sending in our payments now)– well, that felt like a big opportunity for me to spiral into the constant feeling of not doing enough. And you know I’m not about that. So, thankfully, I found my one-stop shop where I can file my personal tax returns online, for less money, with less time spent away from where my focus truly is– keeping my family healthy & happy as we spend some quality time indoors. 


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Andrew and I are NOT afraid of doing big projects on our own. Together, we’ve tackled remodeling our basement, lovingly added a DIY playhouse under our stairs for Lolly & Ruby, and we’re working on finishing out our new adventure van, lovingly called The Rammbler, where we plan on spending much of our free time as a family, getting fresh air and away from the confines of our house. But, while we have some extra time on our hands to find productive things to during the quarantine, while the kids are napping or during their quiet time, we thought now was a REALLY great time to work on our favorite DIY project of the year… our personal tax filing. Honestly, knowing that we can spend a little bit of time each day, entering numbers & forms, and have a really easy-to-use DIY online tax software that saves our place, should we need to go get someone a snack, or clean-up a mess from an afternoon quarantine-craft, and then come right back to where we were when we get a few moments in the evening, has made what was normally a scary task for us, so, so easy– in an already scary & stressful time. 

We Do It Ourselves with H&R Block, with their helpful & easy to use online tax return solution, doing-it-yourself at tax time, which now so conveniently overlaps with protect-yourself-and-everyone-around you by staying home time, we’re so grateful for a tax-time solution that is more than “doable,” for any level of DIY’er and H&R Block Online offers the ease, cost-savings and experts, if you need them, to help you make it happen, too.  All from the comfort of your own self-quarantine couch. 


Truly, the calm of doing something that I can control, while clearing out one of my piles of papers that I’ve been saving up, has been AMAZING for lowering my stress right now. When the world feels too big and spinning to me, I try my best find some solace in changing my mindset- to cling to a mantra of “One Thing At A Time” – and it’s even better when that one thing is something productive & checks a big DIY to-do off my list. 

A New mindset about DIY tax filing

So, rather than just #netflixandquarantine, I put my fears of DIY tax season aside and make this valuable time at home actually productive. I was nervous to try to tackle ONE more DIY project now that thanks to the #RonaQuarantine.  It’s one easy project to tackle, while I’m also a DIY homeschooler (who’s schedule has had to remain nothing if not “flexible”), and as someone who wasn’t afraid to drop into my favorite local restaurant for our dinner, I’m making a lot more meals at home… and more… I was only looking for a solution that would be EASY. And it’s been so easy to get ahead of this one important task thanks to switching to H&R Block Online.  In literally as little as two clicks with their new “drag and drop” feature – I easily imported last year’s tax return– didn’t matter who or what platform I completed them in last year– you simply click on wherever you saved the file on your computer from last year, drag and drop that PDF file where they ask you to, and BOOM- you’re off & running in one of the four choices they have for you– I used H&R Block Online & got 25% off, and I’m sharing this same online tax solution discount code with you! Use code CAGHE98FCH   to get 25% off H&R Block online from me! 

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