Since we had our big move middle of 2017 I began my commitment to living a more organized life. I am realizing it’s a really tough habit to break!! Now that I have all the closet space I need I still find myself stashing things and letting items pile up and then looking at myself and wondering “why do I do this!?” Old habits die hard I guess?!

Here is a recent before and after of my boy’s room:

But honestly in the last two months I’ve gained some serious speed on the organizing game and I promise you – it can be done! Here’s what I’ve learned about the game of organization so far – it doesn’t have to be daunting if you’re doing it in bite size pieces consistently.

Here are 3 things I’ve learned about setting a home and being better organized:

1-  Every time you do laundry (which for me is seriously once a week if I’m lucky so I do A LOT at once) grab a garbage sack and a box or bin. In the box you’ll put anything that your kids have outgrown to organize and in the garbage sack you’ll toss stuff that’s maybe too worn or isn’t something you’re wearing much anymore so you can donate it. While you’ve got things going in the dryer head over to every closet in the home and just start cleaning out. I am surprised that every time I do loads of laundry, I have something that ends up in a donation bin or a too small bin and then it’s one less thing my kids end up wearing and throwing in the laundry basket! This has been huge for me because I find that clothes can seriously BLOW up any room.

I am a huge fan of traditional (and cheap) laundry baskets. I’ve done the big cute ones in the past and I swear because they’re tall and I can’t see the clothes I let my laundry go on f o r e v e r (said like squints palladoris obviously)! These baskets allow me to carry too and from, don’t hold too much but hold just enough and are cheap so I can have a zillion around my house. Plus #lifehack, I love having these when I’m transporting anything to a party or dinner – they’re the BEST to carry dishes and odds and ends in! This one is $4 – can’t beat it.

2- Commit yourself to an area or organization a week. This has been huge for me! Every week I write in my notes an area of focus in my house I want to tackle. I can’t possible spend all day organizing and cleaning and on days when I try to do that I grow a strong aversion to it and then my house looks like a wreck. So one week – tackle your pantry. The next week, your mail area + junk drawer. Write a massive list of what you want to achieve functionally in your home and just start tackling it! In the past I wake up on a Tuesday and think “today I’m going to be organized!” Then am disappointed when I’ve worked my guts out and it’s 11pm and nothing looks done. Take your time and do it right. Plus when you love on a spot for an entire week you become super possessive about how it looks and it’s hard to let it go to waste like you used to!

3- Buy all the baskets and bins for your common areas. I don’t have a toy room or loft in our home yet (most the toys will go downstairs when it’s finished) so I had to find a way that was functional for toys to be organized but yet still pretty. I don’t like to permanently label anything in case kids interest or the flow of the organization needs to be changed! I like using gift tags to label so the kids can clearly see when it’s time for pick up where things go. I also like to buy smaller containers and pouches for the TINY pieces that don’t see to matter until a kid is freaking out wondering where the piece is 🙂

Here are some of the baskets I love below from Home Depot that are both functional but beautiful! Now go – be organized! I’ll be cheering you on!!

Copper Storage Baskets

Jute Decorative Storage Basket

Hyacinth Basket

Scoop Basket

Rope Basket

Copper + Marble Box

Navy Basket

*This post is in partnership with Home Depot! All opinions are my own – cause that’s how I roll! Thanks for reading!


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