I have seen so many people on the internet talk about the Owlet— so I am sure you have too! I wanted to give an honest and full review about the Owlet Sock + Camera.

Bedding. Bed. Table. Lamp. Books.

If you get one splurge with your baby… this is it! I wish that I had these two products for every. Single. One. of my babies. I believe that the best gift that you can give yourself is peace of mind. I love being able to check Ruby’s oxygen levels and her heartbeat annnd see her on the camera. If you already have a baby, you know that this isn’t excessive whatsoever. And, if you’re about to have a baby, then let me tell you– you cannot stay awake all night looking at your baby, (though you will want to) but the Owlet makes it feel like someone is watching them at all times!

If anything happens to go wrong, the Owlet base is in your room and will alert you to check on your sweet babe.

The other nice thing about Owlet is if you have a HSA/FSA account– you can use that towards the sock and camera if you buy directly from Owlet. If you’re on the fence, buy your Smart Sock + Camera on Amazon so that you can return it if you aren’t satisfied… I promise you will be!



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