It’s happening y’all! And this time I mean the shutin time of Quarantine. We’re all doing our part around the Rammell household in social distancing. But- we’re going to do our VERY very best to make the most of this time together. 

You’ll find yourself spiraling with all of the to-dos, but you don’t know what needs to be done. 

You’ll find yourself not knowing where you’re supposed to be, or where you’re supposed to be going, but then you’ll remember you DON’T have anywhere to be, because the simple act of being one of the millions of families that need to #stayhome makes all of the sense in the world right now. 

You know what else makes sense… trying to make some form of structure so that we can all be better when we come out of this thing… 


Here’s how me & my family are doing our best to get through this– with the space & grace to know that not all of these things will get done in a day- but when we’re looking for something to do, we all have a safe spot to find that perfect something. 

You won’t see any time slots here– we’re just all doing the best that we can. 

I’ve made a list like this for last few summers and it made such a difference, so here’s the deal. The kids are required to go through the list before they can do anything with technology that ISN’T school related. I don’t care if it’s in order or if it takes a couple hours to accomplish – that’s actually good because it feels some of the time. 

This can be used in conjunction with my Spring Quarancleaning list for Kids

My 11 + 8 year old runs through the list on their own– and it’s so nice to have an expectation for what needs to be done that day. I do the entire list with my 5 year old and I have come to love this time together with her. My 18-mo old just naps on her regular schedule, and we try to keep everyone busy with quiet things when she’s sleeping. 


As a special addition, and in order to show my kiddos that they are nowhere near alone in needing action items & lists to keep their mindset healthy and their mental capacity strong– Andrew and I are trying to show them that these simple habits can help even their dear old Mom & Dad. 

So, as a bonus– I give you a Parent’s version of my Quarantine checklist, too. Because– we’re going to get through this. It of course won’t be easy, but with this little sheet, I hope this time is valuable to you. 

I know I’m soaking it all in– all the emotions, too. 




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