HI!! This is my blog. Did you know I had one? 😉 While I’m not the blogger I used to be I’ve been really enjoying popping on here occasionally to document the things I enjoy and the season of life our family is in. I’m so glad you’re here!

We are still settling in to our new home a year later and it seems every weekend is full of projects which we love doing! This project I’ve been promising to post about for a while is our DIY Redwood Garden Planters. When we had the yard landscaped we left the side of the house open for garden space and knew we wanted planter boxes that fit custom against the house so they wouldn’t be raised out of the ground but fit beautifully against the house.

Leave it to Andrew to get.it.done.!

And here’s how!

First he measured the base of the soil to the top of the siding where he wanted the planter to fit, ours are 12 inches high. And then around the entire garden space where he wanted the wood to border. He took his dimensions to Home Depot and purchased the appropriate amount of Redwood for it. He used Redwood because it’s a durable outdoor wood as it will be sitting year round on the ground, it’s a little more expensive so you could achieve this with Pine.       

Andrew did all the cuts himself with his saw but if you have the dimensions you need Home Depot can make the cuts for you making it an even easier project! If you are building them for a space like ours you can put them together before hand but Andrew had to do a little bit of the building in place for ours. You lap joint the corners and screw them together (this is me literally repeating what he says cause heaven knows I have ZERO CLUE), if you want to hide the screws you can use pocket screws.

K then things got crazy. This is completely unnecessary which is the story of our life so here goes.

Andrew decided he wanted to Shou Sugi Ban the wood. SAY WHAT? Basically this is a Japanese method of torching wood both for the appearance and for wood preservation. It helps to protect against harsh eliminates and creates a beautiful look. The torch Andrew used he just snagged at Home Depot and now we have one so yay 😉

Use a blow torch to blacken the wood on all sides, it doesn’t take long but don’t be afraid to burn it! 

After that’s done you’ll wire brush off the excess char and unveil the most GORGEOUS wood!! Isn’t it stunning?! Some people leave all the charred wood there and seal it but we did it this way and love it. After that’s done you’ll seal the wood with this but you can also use a Linseed Oil.


We have spent countless hours out herewith the kids taking care of the Garden and eating from it’s beauty!! We have snap peas, beets, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, squash and so much more growing! I can’t wait to have endless amounts of tomatoes for salsa and just to east with plain kosher salt – MY FAVORITE! What a joy it is to have a garden of our own in a home of our own, I am so grateful for the blessing of it every day.





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