I read this amazing article that you can find here! If you have some time and you are looking to be immersed into the incredible self-work that goes into self-love, give it a read. If you want my annotated footnotes– keep reading! 

There are so many aspects of self-care. Everyone loves to talk about self-care and wants to care about their health, mind and bodies, BUT self-care, actually looks like a lot of work. And some of that work, that I believe (and this article states) that you want to be doing is journaling. 

Here’s why:

#1: You cannot mentally capture everything you want to do in your life.

  • Try to think about what you did last week? Okay, now try to think about the goals that you thought about last week. I bet that’s pretty hard for you, because last week was a total blur for me. When you write down the things you’re thinking about and the goals that you want to set, you can remember them and act on those desires. 

#2: Journaling is incredibly introspective. 

  • If you want to learn about yourself– journal. You will realize what you think about most, what you care about, what you realllyyyy want to write down and remember and what things are fleeting. 

#3: You will improve in ALL areas of your life. 

  • Journaling forces you to slow down and be very intentional. This kind of intention will drive focus and energy into every single aspect of your life. 

#4: Journaling is one of the most proactive activities we can give to ourselves.

  • If you want to do something entirely for yourself, journal. Don’t get on your phone, don’t text your friends, don’t post on social… journal. This is a space that is sacred, private and only for you. What do you want your own space to look and feel like? You get to create this space just for you. 

#5: Journaling helps you recover from your everyday life.

  • Imagine going to a sactuary every. Single. Day. where you can recover from all the wear and tear from the day? That’s what your journal can be for you. Resort here and spill all your feelings.

#6: Journaling generates mental clarity.

  • If you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, journal. You can clear your head and be free from your thoughts. Writing forces you to think at the pace that you’re writing and you can be very present with your words and feelings. 

#7: Journaling clears your feelings.

  • Speaking of feelings, journaling allows you to express yourself without rebuttal or retribution. You can just express yourself and clear your energy and feelings. This might be one of my favorite parts of journaling. 

#8: Journaling engrains your learning.

  • When you write things down, you can remember them better than you can if you had just thought them. So when you have growth and learning, when you don’t write these things down– they fade. Forcing you to relearn things over and over. This waste your precious time in your self-care/self-work journey. 

#9: Journaling makes you grateful.

  • This is another one of my favorite parts, the incredible gratitude that comes from journaling. You will find that you don’t journal about things that you don’t care about. You won’t want to spend your time journaling about things that are frivolous and mundane, but rather, write things that matter and are near and dear to you. 

#10: Journaling records your life history and is a tool for growing. 

  • What an amazing gift to give to your children. Everyone grows from hearing and reading stories about their parents. There is no harm in trying and giving effort to journaling because the growth that you can just give to your future kids.

Journaling doesn’t have to be EVERY single day or anything extravagant. But the effort that you put ALL comes back to you and I firmly believe that. Journaling doesn’t have to be beautiful and in anything special, grab any notebook and get started. The point is that YOU are giving YOURSELF the gift of clarity, intentionality and thought. These things are all for your benefit, so if you want to invest in yourself and you realllyyyy want to be in a place of self- love and self-care, then this practice is the BEST self-work that you can do.

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