In the fall my boys play soccer, baseball, basketball & football and in the spring/summer— they play more baseball. This means that I sit on the sidelines at various city parks a LOT! It’s one of my very favorite things to share with them. I love cheering them on, I love watching them get excited and have passion for their team. I love supporting them do what they love– that’s something I’ll never pass up. Nonetheless, I feel for you sports’ moms!

#1: Best Chair

It’s essential to have a chair that you like on the sidelines. I even like to get small chairs for my kids that I know will be at the games with me because there is nothing worse than being hot and then having a sweaty kid sitting on top of you. I have loved these full size chairs! And these mini chairs!

#2: Best Cooler

If you’re bringing snacks for the entire team or maybe just bringing snacks for your kids– wheels are your best friend! This is my favorite cooler to bring to games. I always make sure that I have water and fruit/veggies for my kids. I will pack beef jerky so they have protein to feel full longer. This helps them stay hydrated when they are running around in the heat! I also love to bring a grocery sack so I can throw away any trash immediately at the game. I’m not trying to put the trash back in the cooler.

#3: Best Drink Cup

I love having a cold Diet Coke out at the fields and the key is keeping that bad boy cold! Remember when I sold cups? Those cups are my very favorite and I use those quite often, but I don’t have anymore to sell! Should I bring them back? Well this cup is the best substitute, this was my inspiration for my cups and Andrew uses this one everyday so I promise, it’s a good one!

#4: Best Sunglasses

These are the glasses I am wearing in the picture above and they are some of my very favorite! They are all black and have a little bit of weight to them so they stay on!

#5: Best Hat

I found this hat at Target and bought it not knowing that I would fall in love with it. I take it to the pool/park/fields. The best part is the hat rolls up and can be stepped on and thrown around and not get ruined. Which, that’s what I’m looking for in a hat! I love a baseball cap too and bought this cute green one!

#6: Best Tote

I found this easy, simple tote at Target and it’s awesome for outdoors and the pool. It’s wipeable so the worst can happen and you can still just baby wipe your bag and move on!

#7: Best Sunscreen/Bugspray

While you’re sitting out in the sun, hopefully you can find a shady place to sit, but if you can’t I love this sunscreen because it’s clean, sprays on and you can get it in spf 70 which is what I put on my kids because it buys me the most time in between applications! I hope you don’t have bugs at your park, but if you do, this spray is amazing!

#8: Best Shoes

These are my go to summer shoes because they can get wet and soaked and just won’t quit on you!

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