Are you feeling helpless? Hopeless? Not knowing where or how to help? If you’ve followed me for any time, you know that helping others is a true gift to me. And I’ve asked so many of my followers & readers to help– and they always do. 

I know that this time is scary, financially, for so many of us. We aren’t sure when the economic fallout of this virus will come to our doorstep. I know the fear of not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from. 

However, during a crisis, there truly is no better time to get outside of yourself, to realize just how much you DO have. How blessed WE ALL truly are.  If you can afford it, and have money that you’re still spending to support businesses out there that are struggling, I thought I would suggest a few that I’m loving, if you’re looking for ideas of other companies to support right now, instead of Amazon. 

Now, many of these small businesses are still shipping, as of time of me publishing this. There might be different protocols in place when you read this, so please check before purchasing, and above all else, stay safe! 


Small shops not only employ those in the community to keep money in the local community, but they also were among the first hit when we all started being weary (rightly so) of where to spend our time outside. BUT- many of them will still ship to you online. 

In fact, my cute friends at Soel Boutique are putting together the most beautiful Care Packages that you can send to basically anyone for any price point. Have a sister or friend that’s a nurse far away? Have an aunt that is an essential worker and you want to show her how brave & appreciated she is? These care packages are perfect for anyone on your list that needs a little bit of love right now. 

Pepperkids is a favorite of mine right now for cozy but still somewhat stylish separates for Lolly & Ruby. I know it doesn’t seem as important, but having every one in my house showered and somewhat presentable truly does affect my mood. And seeing these bright & colorful prints are a perfect pick-me-up for me… because… if I’m happy, I hope everyone else is happy, too. I know they’re less stressed 🙂 


Megan, aka The Sweet Tooth Fairy, is a constant source of creativity that is ALWAYS giving back. Not only in times of need, but literally ALL OF THE TIME. Her Social Sweetening Fundraiser is taking treats to essential workers, who need our love & support the MOST right now. Support her, please,  if you’re feeling ready for a chocolate break. 



I, like many of you, love & miss my friends. So, so much. I’m not going to take a minute with them for granted after this. 

I thought I would do the next best thing and have you send some of my best friends, who happen to also be female entrepreneurs just trying to figure out how to socially distance, work from home & home school through Zoom all at the same time, while managing their businesses, too. I’m just going to list them and let you figure out where & how you’d like to support them, if you’d please. 





Raising Wild– Super cute swimsuits for whenever we get to go to the beach or pool again, but also perfectly “suited” for a nice layout session in the sun on your back porch. 





Made by Mary- I get the most questions about my Made by Mary rings and she’s having a sitewide 20% off sale with code Mama20 for Mother’s Day









The BeYouTy Bureau sells the MOST perfect makeup removing cloths… but they’re also awesome just for washing your face every night, easily, whether you wore makeup or not. 








The isolation of your cycle is still very real, even when you’re social distancing, and HerTime Mixhers help take away some of the bloating, cramping and generally no-good feelings for me. 



Ashley Dilello has an amazing food course for sale right now, and I love her for many reasons, but her workouts she’s posting right now are giving me the extra motivation to move my body. 







Five Mary’s Farms is still delivering AMAZZING quality fed & finished meat, that you don’t have to venture to the store for. Not many places that deliver can pick out such quality products, so I prefer just to get my family’s meat directly from a source I trust right now. 

And, I can’t leave this post without mentioning the incredible small business women that make up The Daily Essential Co. My team of leaders & I would be thrilled if you brought us your questions about how we can best support you & your family through natural solutions right now. It’s a scary time, filled with so many emotions, and we have choices for you, no matter your budget, that you can feel great about as it improves your overall health! 

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