It’s happening y’all! Summer is rapidly approaching! I promise I am just as nervous as you are. After our spring break, I am trying to create a plan for summer because it is long my friends. I enjoy the slow, summer days of being lazy, carefree and easy, BUT I also like a glimpse of structure.

So here is my gift to you: a summer checklist + chore list.

We did this last summer and it made such a difference, so here’s the deal. The kids are required to go through the list before they can do anything with technology! I don’t care if it’s in order or if it takes a couple hours to accomplish – summer days are long, remember?

As far as the job list this is a way for my little kids to earn a little cold hard cash. It’s optional and simple, but helps them to have agency as far as earning money.

My 10 + 7 year old runs through the list on their own– and it’s so nice to have an expectation for what needs to be done that day. I do the entire list with my 4 year old and I love the together time!

Solidarity my friends! I hope this helps give your summer some structure so that I can be full of fun!



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