I’ve had so much anxiety about how best to serve those who are risking their lives every day to help our nation solve this medical crisis we find ourselves in. 

I received the sweetest note from one of my followers on Instagram and had a very powerful idea. 


The Essential Workers that are required to go out & do their regular job, that they usually love doing, are fearful that they’ll get sick from a virus that they can’t see, and that other essential workers who are using these services every day can’t feel and might be spreading around. We all know by now, (well, hopefully) that we should all #StayHome, but what about the people who CAN’T stay home? Every day they brave the unknown, and I want us all to find a way to help them know that they’re out there, but they aren’t alone. 

So, would you use the below guide and create a list for a group of people who you know need a bright spot in their day? Can we use our collective power, from home, in sending snacks, drinks & other light-hearted needs from Amazon to these v v deserving people? 

If you know of an organization & can help, please create your list, update the address of where it needs to go, and DM it to me or submit the link below. 

I so appreciate your help in this. 


  1. Login to your account. 
  2. In Your Account Settings, Visit ” Your Lists” 
  3. Select “View Lists” in the right corner
  4. Select “+Create A List” in the top right corner
  5. Name Your List & Make the List Public
  6. Add a Receiver’s name
  7. Add things to your list — PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE “PRIME” LOGO on the items that you select. That will help ensure that the items can be added to a wishlist.
  8. Go Back to “Your Lists”
  9. Select Your New List and tap the top 3 buttons in the right corner to pull a dropdown menu for sharing
  10. Select “Send list to others” 
  11. Select “View Only” and then Copy Link
  12. Now you can text & email this link to ANYONE to have them share what’s needed. 
Sharing An Amazon Wish List

Perhaps the most important piece of your Wish List creation is making sure that the address that you have for the items on your Amazon Wish List are going to the correct place. 



To make sure this is accurate, you’ll need to: 

1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

2. Select “Manage List” 

3. Scroll down & make sure the Shipping Address is correct. If this is your home address that is already connected to your Amazon account, awesome. 

If it’s a hospital, a school, etc– Make sure you know who you need to address the products to in order for them to get to the right place. 


It’s a little step, but it helps save LOTS of confusion, especially during busy times when receiving departments are overwhelmed. Taking just a minute to double check this before sharing your link will ensure all of the items get where they need to go. 


Just like we did last summer, we can help #ClearTheList for some very much needed cheer during these otherwise dark times. Click the below link to email me your links to your lists that you create for those groups of essential workers in need. 

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