I usually hold back from posting negative comments and feedback. I recognize that putting my life on the internet means I open up myself to a lot of unwelcome opinion and opposition, I do not feel sorry for myself. But today when I got the message from a stranger “Holy cow! You are so much more enormous than your friends….” I could not help but speak out in my stories. Hundreds of messages of love flooded in my DMs and I am so grateful for this community but the thing that is most powerful to me is how every healthy woman can see how destructive, how vile and how absolutely damaging it is to body shame someone. It’s easy for all of us to jump to the defense of that kind of cruelty for others but are we willing to speak up so boldly for ourselves? To dismiss unkind and evil thoughts about our own bodies and replace them swiftly with kind, loving words? I’m so grateful so many of you have done that for me but what I really want is for you to do that FOR YOU. That mean girl spoke a truth I’ve believed since childhood, since I have always been curvier then my friends for the most part. A few years ago her words would have been confirmation of what I knew to be true, today they are just noise in a world full of lies. My friends you HAVE to know what’s true about you or you will believe what isn’t. There will be mean voices outside of you and even meaner ones inside, they are loud. Truth whispers. It takes practice to hear it and knowing it is the only way to drown the loud voices out and to come back to what is real. The truth that exists for all of us which is we are beautifully and perfectly made, we are loved, we are allowed to take up space, we are enough. Always. As we are, as we have been and as who we will become.

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