Andrew and I have been working together from home for the last 2.5 years and it took about 1.5 years to get in to a rhythm with that 😂 (that’s a whole other post.) Most the time we spend 24 hours a day together working on our businesses, caring for our children and managing the household. I love that we’ve come to this place and it has always been a dream of ours to both be heavily involved in our children’s lives. Often people will say to me “I want Andrews life” or “he’s so lucky you did this for him.” I shrink every time I hear it even though I know people mean well. I was a stay at home mom (but admittedly always side hustling) for eight out of the fourteen years we have been married and no one told me I owed it to Andrew or was lucky to do so because what is truth is that we both made different sacrifices for our family, we both were equal partners in our life, just in different ways. For many years Andrew traveled weeks at a time for sales, sleeping in his car and showering at the gym because we could not afford a hotel for him to stay in. He missed holidays, first steps and summers by the pool. He knocked doors all day and got yelled at by strangers. He counted on a sale every day or we wouldn’t be able to pay our bills, I can’t imagine the panic and pressure he felt most days and I know it weighed heavily on him. What a lot of people see is the life we live now but it is built on the foundation of the life we lived then. All the love, success, endurance and the stress, the anguish, the overwhelm all drove us to this place. Andrew was and always is willing to do what most people aren’t. Whether it’s 12 hours a day selling or 12 hours a day chasing kids, he is willing and I am too. He has believed in me when I haven’t and showed up when I can’t and I think two people who are simply willing have the power to create a life that looks like theirs and not like anybody else’s ❤️

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